Without a doubt fashion week is my favourite whether it be New York, Paris or Milan. It fills me with excitement and new ideas.

I have been lucky enough to have worked at London Fashion Week for the past 4 seasons now it is one of my favourite events to be a part of. It’s incredible, so much creativity under one roof. Talented people with inspirational vision coming together to create a show that will influence trend as we know it and make us think. This is Art in Action!

The buzz back stage is my favourite, beauty bloggers and photographs capturing all the action. We are set up closely to the designers and makeup Artists work through the brief, this is designed and led by A influential head hair stylist. Everything must be spot on.. you never put your own spin on things. There is no room for egos; it’s all about working as a team.

Once we see the Collection come together.. it is pretty magical and knowing I have been apart of this.. well it’s pretty cool. Then we are off in a cab to our next location to do it all over again for a different designer.  


Two of my favorite looks we created  Spring/Summer 2018: Backstage


Triple banded power pony tail

Dutch braid with dream like texture

Fashion trends to check out

There all around us, the return of the Ruffles! love it.  All so big bold prints, paired with clashing block colours. There was So much red and yellow. Floral patterns on floaty dress worn with heavy looking boots. Elegant  Tea dresses with over side accessories.

Get yourself some some statement earrings. They are a must have this season.

Makeup trends you should totally try

Face up to it and make a statement with graphic shapes or keep it fresh and simple with a dreamy sprinkle of glitter on the lips or lids. The bold black flick and lustful red lips.. lives on but, just don’t put them together. It was one or the other.  

My hair trend highlights

  • I could not be happier to see the hair ribbon is back! I always loved wearing hair ribbons to school.
  • Get ready for the faux perm, this should be fun! You will want to try it out, I promise you.
  • Natural texture is in.. so let your hair just do its thing And have a day off.
  • Have a play and get twisting and knotting be random, there are no rules.
  • perfect ponytails  with fun new elements and gorges emblems

I have recently started getting in to photography..

So bearing all this in mind I thought I would create three look using all my inspiration from this season.


#1 Ethereal alur 



  • ghd curve

#Partay Play  


  • ghd curve
  • cler bands
  • bobby pins


#3  Perfectly imperfected 


  • ghd curve


ghd heat protect

    • ghd curl spray
  • ghd hair spray
  • revlon olyel mist