I’ve been looking for something to fuel my creativity, a way to express myself, so here I am writing my first blog post.

I am a business owner, hairstylist and professional daydreamer.

I am a strong believer that if you visualise your goals and give it your best, great things will happen. So I’m using this blog as an opportunity to develop my writing skills.   

School was a challenge for me being dyslexic. Dyslexia is a creative friend of mine but also an enemy that fills me with anxiety. It’s a daily challenge that l love to overcome, without a challenge I feel like I am floating and sometimes that’s not the best feeling. I am always working on my development, whether it be life, love or business. So let me share this with you.

In this blog I want to cover my movements in the hair industry. I want to talk about how being a business woman has helped me develop my mindset, my confidence and made me realise there are no limits.

I want to share my inspiration with you whether it be my adventures, art or simply daydream.